Below are some comments that have been made following my presentations:

St. Mary and St Giles School:

The children thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon. The exciting experiments generated enthusiasm and some fantastic scientific language.  The children were all very keen to discuss what they had learnt and keen to recreate some of the ‘magic’ at home.  A wonderful afternoon, full of awe and wonder!


Bradwell Village School:

Our children had a fantastic experience with Pauline’s presentation.  She was fun, engaging and developed their knowledge of materials.  The activities captured the children’s imagination, as well as the adults, and showed them how materials can interact with one another.  An exciting afternoon, which would be welcomed in any Year 5 class.


Glastonbury Thorn First School:

We wanted to raise the profile of science in our school, using ‘awe and wonder’, which Pauline certainly provided. She quickly established a rapport with all the children. The children in Year 1 were amazed by the ‘wow’ factor in the science they saw. Year 2 were transfixed, following her every move. Pauline’s skilful questioning enabled the children to think about what they were seeing, and gave our more able scientists an opportunity to use their knowledge.


The After School Club at Priory Rise School:

We want to say a huge thank you to Pauline for coming in to our after school club today and not only giving the children some new knowledge but making it fun and magical for them! Even though the children were a variety of ages (6-10yrs), they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were engaged throughout Pauline’s demonstrations! I would definitely recommend her! Thanks again! (Natasha – Priory Rise School)


New Bradwell School:

Thank you so much for coming to visit us!  It was a lovely presentation and the children were truly inspired.  Every copy of your ‘elephant toothpaste recipe’ was snapped up! I’m so happy that the children were so interested in the science.


Orchard Academy:

Very good at keeping the children engaged throughout the demonstration.  Great rapport with children, positive praise for the children’s behaviour and knowledge.


Children at Emerson Valley School dubbed me the ‘Magic Lady’ and commented:

I wish you could come every day, all of it was awesome!

I enjoyed the bit when you shook the bottle and it changed different colours – it blew my mind.

It was interesting to learn new things.

You made Science fun.

The presentation was fascinating and educational as well.

My head was full of facts by the end of the show.

It was amazing how the toothpaste exploded.


My ‘Science Buddies’ from St. Mary and St. Giles School commented:

You are an epic Science teacher!

I still don’t know how the colours changed in the bottle!

We all loved the elephant toothpaste experiment.

Our teacher liked making the bouncy ball.

Thank you so much for showing us your awesome Science!

Thank you from all your ‘Science Buddies’!