bIrC6Ylw_nGSHV2z7EvjuwEgNnTZLGHnw3C9e0zcMW90YquXGAevHIEipUy_MQS4e0VsyE1AWfVeZI4=w1365-h627Magical Science is a series of presentations delivered to schools in Milton Keynes.

I am Pauline Thompson, who before retiring was Science Coordinator at Southwood School, Milton Keynes.

Since retirement I have become a STEM Ambassador, part of a national organisation linked to the British Science Association, which promotes and supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for young people.  As a STEM Ambassador, I’m DBS checked and insured.

I’ve been joined by my husband Ken, also a STEM Ambassador and we’re both volunteers who love to enthuse children with two presentations, both of which can be adapted for all Year Groups in primary schools.

  • My presentation aims at providing magic and fun for all age groups plus Kitchen Chemistry for Year 6 and a link to the N.C.programme of study ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ for Year 5. (There is no charge but I would be grateful for a voluntary contribution of £6.00 per presentation to cover cost of materials).
  • Together Ken and I present ‘Volts, Jolts and Thunderbolts’. We have fun demonstrating static electricity with a plasma ball, a Wimshurst machine and a Van de Graaf generator. No charge for this one, as no costs are involved.

We want to inspire, educate, enthuse and entertain children with our Magical Science! Tumbling pie plates, magic bottles, bouncy balls, Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber (our version!) and much more.

What we do is firmly grounded in scientific principles, including: static electricity, atoms, the movement of electrons, chemical reactions and the application of scientific discoveries.




Casper the ghost



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